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We are a show/breeding kennel located in central Illinois. Here at Covered Bridge Saint Bernards we are extremely conscientious about breeding healthy, well tempered, structurally sound Saint Bernards that conform to the breed standard that was set forth by the American Kennel Club. Each and every breed has a set standard which should be followed. It is the blue print of our breeding program. We travel all over the United States showing our dogs in AKC conformation events to evaluate our stock against the standard to ensure we are on the right path! We carefully select each pairing focusing on the good attributes as well as what the dogs are lacking to ensure we match them up accordingly.  All of our dogs are raised inside of our home as members of our family, but also receive adequate outdoor time to help build good solid muscle, to exercise, and to soak up the vitamins from the sun. This is very important for large breed dogs to have that even balance of healthy outside time as well as time with their family! Our dogs and pups are also raised with our three children. Our 9 year old daughter Daisy Mae, our 6 year old son Lyric, and our youngest 4 year old son Journey! We spend a better part of our free time with our dogs and kids. It makes for an extremely fun and happy life! There is never a dull moment! We have dedicated the last 10 years to these dogs and love the breed unconditionally. The sacrifices we make are endless, but it is a labor of pure and utter love. We would not trade a single moment for anything! We ask that each person that adopts one of our babies to remain in close contact. We love receiving picture updates as well as hearing all about their adventures once they leave the nest! We are here anytime you need us! We offer lifetime breeder support to all of our new puppy families. You can find us on facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!  If you are interested in a Covered Bridge baby please fill out our puppy inquiry and we will be in touch as promptly as possible! Have a fantastic day! 

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